Global Environmental Education Partnership(GEEP)


The Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) was co-initiated by the Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the North American Academy of Environmental Education (NAAEE) in 2014. The objective of the GEEP is to promote environmental education and establish a global partnership. Through education, the GEEP hopes to create a fair and sustainable future, so that humans and nature can coexist and co-prosper. The GEEP also wishes that environmental and social responsibility can become an essential factor in the decision-making of individuals, communities and organizations.

After years of communication and cooperation, the GEEP provides environmental education learning resources such as promotion methods, case studies, and environmental action plans from various countries. GEEP members also discuss and exchange experiences on common environmental challenges, such as climate change and marine debris, to improve regional and international capacity to respond to environmental changes and form an international network for sustainable development. Currently, around 15 countries participate in the project, and a total of 30 experts and scholars continuously commit to this international cooperation.

In 2019, GEEP members reviewed the overall goals and persisted in developing the environmental education think tank (e.g., case study e-books and national toolkits). The GEEP also constantly uses social media to expand advocacy efforts and enhance the cultivation and participation of youths. In addition, to facilitate the continuation of the international cooperation model, the organizing team has begun to consider establishing a sustainable business model for the GEEP, such as corporate partnerships and international environmental education funds. The GEEP Asia-Pacific Regional Center was established in Taiwan in 2019 to strengthen partnerships with Asian-Pacific countries.

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